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Why Do I Need A Dental Night Guard?

Why do I need a dental night guard? Many people ask about symptoms in their jaw joints and teeth that indicate a “bruxing” or tooth grinding habit. What can be done about it? TMJ Dysfunction or Syndrome is much more common than many people realize and should be addressed as early as possible. Night guards or occlusal guards are a preventive rather than a treatment solution that, if use early on, can help with the earlier symptoms of grinding.

13 Responses to “Why Do I Need A Dental Night Guard?”

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  • sjbrazis says:

    Thank you Enrique! I will be doing more specialist interviews soon. Hope you like them. I think it will be very interesting.

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    Thanks for the post doc. I learned a lot more from you then I did from my dentist when I asked him about the 350$ night guard he wanted me to get. I ended up getting one, but not from him. I went online to and got one from them. Saved a lot of money compared to what my dentist wanted

  • Your welcome, Mike! Thank you for the interest. Some new interviews on oral surgery and children’s dentistry coming this month.

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