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Dental Implants: Interview With Dr. Rhee (Part 1)

In Part I of a series of videos, I will be interviewing Dr. Sean Rhee DDS, a periodontist in Sacramento, CA. Dr. Rhee is a board certified periodontist who performs implant surgery and will participate with me to answer some common questions asked by many patients contemplating dental implants. We will discuss risk factors, surgical costs for implants, and much more.

Why Do I Need A Dental Night Guard?

Why do I need a dental night guard? Many people ask about symptoms in their jaw joints and teeth that indicate a “bruxing” or tooth grinding habit. What can be done about it? TMJ Dysfunction or Syndrome is much more common than many people realize and should be addressed as early as possible. Night guards or occlusal guards are a preventive rather than a treatment solution that, if use early on, can help with the earlier symptoms of grinding.

Free Tooth Whitening Report

Tooth “whitening ” or “bleaching” is much in demand these days. Tooth color is a complex subject and a topic for many hours of education. However, this short video explains some of the basics you need to know. Click this link: to receive instant access to your free report on tooth whitening that goes into more detail about types of products and procedures available.

Introducing “To Tell The Tooth” with Steven J. Brazis DDS

Welcome to my blog: “To Tell The Tooth”! My name is Steven J. Brazis DDS and, as promised in the above video, I plan to post videos here covering topics of interest in dentistry and to cover whatever you would like to see. We can cover tooth whitening, bonded fillings, implant restorations, dental insurance and any other topics in general, cosmetic and family dentistry you want.
To leave comments letting me know what you think and to tell me what you would like covered, just click on the post title above to be taken to the post page with comments section and leave your comments. Thank you for watching,
Steven J. Brazis DDS