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Dr. Brazis Interview with Oral Surgeon: Nerve Damage and Implants

See the full interview here.

In my interview with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phelps, Dr. Phelps answers some questions about nerve damage. He talks about the risks of nerve damage specific to various oral surgical procedures. The procedures most at risk for nerve damage are removal of impacted widom teeth, implant placements and jaw resection. He then answers some further questions pertaining to implant placement.

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  • Angela says:

    Hi! so sorry you have to go to dentist, today. However, I know ehevytring will go well, with Sundae’s assistance. Ward just finished a root canal last week to the tune of $975. When he bought the bill in, I thought he must be paying for something in advance ..Boy! was I wrong good luck off to another dr. today

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