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Dental Implants: What Bone Treatments May Be Needed?

Dental Implants need to be placed in and surrounded by healthy bone. In this segment of my interview with Dr. Sean Rhee, periodontist, Sean discusses some procedures that may be required if there is not enough bone naturally available in the implant site, known as bone augmentation and sinus lift.

This is the second segment of my interview with Dr. Rhee. In the final segment we will cover implant materials and types and costs.

7 Responses to “Dental Implants: What Bone Treatments May Be Needed?”

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  • Tekno says:

    yes it probably is cepaher abroad but I’m in the stages of implants 2 front teeth a33,500,yes its allot of money but If I have problems then I can just pop to my dentist in my car,not on a plane,I’d be to scared to get it done abroad,implants are not just a one day procedure..please think very carefully

  • Martina says:

    hi daisymatilda, acrcicdong to my doctor all the private companys have come forward to offer replacments apart from harley street this is what he told me a few weeks ago. i found out mine were pip within the same hour i phoned up. I would ring them and say your having some serious problems and concerned they have ruptured ! i had pins and needles and still do in my left arm for a few months now and with all the stress i hadnt been sleeping either as well as loads of other problems with my back pain. i had an mri scan with 3 days !! with bupa thats where i had mine privatly put in. hope you find out and quick as there’s going to be a huge backlog waiting for surgery ! good luck and keeping my fingers crossed they arent pip for you! x

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