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Ameriplan Opportunities

Dr. Brazis interviews his daughter, Milena Arceo about Ameriplan, a discount dental plan with many other benefits as well. Ameriplan, in addition to it’s discount dental plan, has discount medical plans, including chiropractic, hearing aids, diabetic supplies and much more. In this video, Milena also explains the business opportunity available through Ameriplan for people who want to work full or part time from home.

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Ameriplan Services

Discounted dental plans as well as health plans are among the services provided by Ameriplan. Milena Arceo of Vantage Point Consultants is interviewed by Dr. Steven Brazis about the various services provided by Ameriplan, including dining and shopping discounts, legal plans for families and others.

Ameriplan is a very affordable alternative or addition to families’ dental, health and legal plans. There are also many other benefits available for as little as from $15 to $50 per month.

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Discounted Dental Plans (What Are They?)

We are examining the concept of discounted dental plans and specifically the one offered by Ameriplan. In this video, Milena Arceo talks to Dr. Brazis about Ameriplan’s alternative to dental insurance, it’s benefits and plan costs. This can be very cost effective for families and for businesses alike.

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Ameriplan – Discounted Health Plans (Including Dental)

Discounted Dental Plan? What Is It

Dental insurance is an issue ever increasing in importance in today’s economy with people losing their coverage and/or their jobs. My daughter, Milena Arceo has a very affordable solution for both families who need some kind of coverage but don’t have it or business looking to provide a coverage solution for employees that is more affordable.

In this interview, we are going to explore the benefits provided by Vantage Point Consultants through an affiliate Ameriplan. Milena can be reached for more information at (916) 201-5712  or at

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Dr. Brazis Interview With Oral Surgeon: Osteoporosis

Dr. Brazis held an interview with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phelps  of Capital Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. This segment is about the influence of osteoporosis and the bisphosphonate medications like Fosamax on Oral Surgery. Dr. Phelps talks to us about the considerations of osteoporosis and Dr. Johnson answers a question about the use of bisphosphonate medication like Fosamax.

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Dr. Brazis Interview With Oral Surgeon: General Anesthesia

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In my interview with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phelps, Dr. Johnson answers some questions about general anesthesia. He talks about the risks of using general anesthetic and the risks of not using it when called for. We talk about what comprises general anesthesia and how it is used in oral surgical procedures. We talk about the additional cost to patients who elect to have general anesthesia during oral surgery. Dr. Johnson, Dr. Phelps and Dr. Kane are a three doctor oral surgery practice with two office locations in Elk Grove and Sacramento.

Dr. Brazis Interview with Oral Surgeon: Nerve Damage and Implants

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In my interview with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phelps, Dr. Phelps answers some questions about nerve damage. He talks about the risks of nerve damage specific to various oral surgical procedures. The procedures most at risk for nerve damage are removal of impacted widom teeth, implant placements and jaw resection. He then answers some further questions pertaining to implant placement.

Dr. Brazis Interview with Oral Surgeon: Wisdom Teeth

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Have you had questions about the risks of oral surgery when having wisdom teeth extracted? Would you like to know what factors determine whether wisdom teeth should indeed be taken out? In this video, I interview Dr. Loche Johnson of Sacramento, CA about just these questions.

Dental Implants: Materials and Costs

I interview Dr. Sean Rhee about dental implants. This is the third and final video in my interview series with Dr. Rhee. He and I discuss dental implant materials and the mechanism by which they are retained in the jaw bone. They also discuss the qualifications of dental specialists who place the implants and the surgical costs involved in implant surgery. I hope you have enjoyed these videos and discovered something about implants useful to you.

Dental Implants: What Bone Treatments May Be Needed?

Dental Implants need to be placed in and surrounded by healthy bone. In this segment of my interview with Dr. Sean Rhee, periodontist, Sean discusses some procedures that may be required if there is not enough bone naturally available in the implant site, known as bone augmentation and sinus lift.

This is the second segment of my interview with Dr. Rhee. In the final segment we will cover implant materials and types and costs.